0501131729This blog is dedicated to Tide, but even more so it is dedicated to the Humanities, to the Fine Arts, to Nature, to Memory, to Origins. It wasn’t until today that I really realized what Tide is all about to me.

Tide is Liberation.

Tide is the freedom of expression as seen in my poetry.

Tide is the freedom to be androgenous.

Tide is the freedom to be scientific & spirituality.

Tide is the freedom to embrace life & work, Work & play.

Tide is the freedom to embrace chaos, to live in the moment and not let it dilute your happiness.

Tide is a laid back Saturday morning, with the laundry machine softly humming in the background behind an empty easel, where the kids and family are up  and putting away breakfast in the kitchen.

Tide is the Eureka! moment of creatives and inventors.

Tide is that moment of inspiration you get hit with when life is being lived as it should.

Tide is when…life just works.

Tide is so you can spend less time doing chores, and more time with your family, with your hobbies, nurturing your soul.

This is Tide. Tide is humble. Tide is plaster. Tide is nameless. It’s body is but a sculpture.

So I made This: