Macaroni Boy

Macaroni Boy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Want Ad: Macaroni Yellow Needs Date:

Common: Common. everyone has it. Creative commons. Commons. Everyone’s space. Commons forum. Commons. Greek Commons. Commons. Amphitheatre.

Commons: “Our Story” Something I’ve heard repeated a lot lately in terms of Movies. Beasts of A Southern Wild: Producer, ((((    ))))) Perks of Being a Wallflower,  Hayao Miyazaki: “Our Story,” this concept of it takes a lot of people to make a movie. Sure there’s a director with the primary vision, but with the sense that it’s not just my story. Or on another level, that this movie is made for a larger purpose. It belongs to everyone. A sense of community, of belonging. “Our Story.”

Eyes: Pink eye: A man. Could be a woman? A mad woman. I know I’ve seen those eyes before. The Queen from Narnia? Gabriel from Constantine. Angels in Constantine are men and women.

Itchy. Scratchy. rough. inflamed. heat. red.

contacts. nauseating. rhythms. method. cleaning. eyes white again.

escape. suffering. you don’t think about suffering

if you are fine.

Eyes closed. bag. baggy.

tired. allergies? allergies.

everyone hypoallergenic


10 Thoughts Associated with Your Crayon:

  1. Tickle me pink? Macaroni Yellow.
  2. Doesn’t taste like macaroni. Stinks.
  3. Like new. Used once.
  4. Drew a line. Line not as long as it could be. Questioning
  5. Drew a girl. hair first. 3 strands on each side.
  6. face lost. I can’t picture a face.
  7. only head and shoulders.
  8. only neck and shoulders.

        5 Things I know to Be True About My Crayon:

  1. heavy
  2. stinks
  3. i’m in 4th grade.
  4. i’m too big for my chair or my desk.
  5. i am free to express.

        5 Similies with my Crayon:

  1. heavy like a sunrise
  2. rough as asphalt
  3. botched as a rainy street
  4. stinks like brand new sneakers

        5 Line Poem: 

        macaroni yellow

doesn’t taste like macaroni

stinks like new sneakers

I drew a rough line

not as long as it could be.

        Illustrate My Crayon’s Soul: 

        a kernel like a tooth

at the waxy center no

bigger than a pebble

the smallest pebble you

can imagine it is my crayon’s


        3 Simple Ways My Crayon Could Help Me Have A Better Day:

1.give the drawing as a card to the unknown girl

2. the satisfaction of breaking it in two

3. and grind the two pieces out until it is just paper

Write a Headline: Want Ad: Macaroni Yellow Needs Date.