Believe it or not, I figured out how to write poetry all the sudden over the last couple days. I hit a writing streak during finals week, and well, even though I had other assignments due, I just began writing poems and posting them to facebook, and well…I never stopped. I’ve only been writing for 1.5 years. and I never thought I’d have anything close to publishable until I was at least 25. Well.. I wound up with half a book in 2 days.

But. I know since you won’t believe me here is a sample and a testimony below: Hopefully you will believe me enough to at least look at this book. There is lots of interesting little  gems in it. I hope they Poetry Streak 4:27:13- Arrowheads will speak to you.

A man at [WRIR 97.3FM], the radio station where I work  liked the first line of “New Mother” so much while I was shitting it out on paper, that I showed him “Destiny” and he offered to read it over the air. So we did. Here is the video:

New Mother.

Why be ashamed?
to stumble suddenly
like a newborn calf
into morning.

It was just moments ago
you were realized


But to be poured
onto the earth
arms first
in a dive, to

into your first steps
is sacred.

And who could’ve been there
to catch you
when you fell
into the field?

Certainly not…
Sadie, with the
lost look
new mothers have.

to stumble into your first
nakedness is sacred
who could fault you?

Not I.

Anyways. With all these poems, I think they came from having to meditate on Tide so much. After all, creating ad’s around a brand, like creating poems inspired from nature or art, I have to meditate on the object and try and explore what it makes me feel, what it makes me see, and what truths these images and feelings lead me to. Kind of like how all my thinking and projecting onto Tide led me to see it as “Liberation” These poems are projections on to art and from meditating on Tide that allowed me to come up with many associations.

Ultimate I came to make a Tide bottle into a white plaster sculpture,  when I realized I wished to associate Tide more with fine arts, rather than have fine arts be associated with Tide ad’s.

I had written all along how Tide for creatives was associated with the creative process to me. Among the poems are feelings and stories I feel are related to Tide: New Mother, the greenness of grass and of the farm at my first internship could no doubt be made into a Tide commercial for example.

Or what about Tide and the image of the dog and my father playing baseball as a boy in Kindred Spirits?

I can think of many such instances. All of these poems are questions about the essences of soul. Why shouldn’t Tide become associated with fine art?




WRIR-LP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)