Idea Comic Change Commitment

Miyazaki tells his staff: The question isn’t whether or not seeking to do the impossible will pay off, the question is, when I seek the impossible, in what way will it pay off? Mr. Miyazaki says he writes until his nose bleeds. When asked about his creative process, he says “I think.” and to let him know when you find a better way.

That is why I drew this idea comic. To talk about one of the biggest changes I’ve seen in myself this year: the determination to commit. Whether that is with this project or to my ambitions as a writer or to just live life. I am learning to be committed.

But just because I am committed, doesn’t mean I can’t have my fantasies in day to day life. In fact, I think that’s what Tide embodies. The freedom of the mind to slip into day dreams. Like the hang glider there. He has been pushed to the edge. But instead of falling…he glides.

He looks almost superhero. Tide, could you give me the encouragement to tell me it’s okay to let my mind wander into a day dream?

At least, that’s what happened to Archimede’s and Picasso in my Inventor’s Series….

A True Love Story

Here is a drawing of a cheesy love story. Some Dear John shit. But I love how the lovers come face-to-face like this, as though they are very weary in a cold, grey, New England town and they need eachother, desperately. The way they hold each other as though there is no one else in the world…but that sea gull on the buoy.

I think people take love for granted. These lovers need each other somehow. I wonder what that is. Maybe it could be like a really gripping commercial. Almost Soap-like. Two lovers. It would come on air and grip some lonely single woman as she shuffles past the T.V. in her slippers. It would make her grap a tissue…for all the hope it would give her.

It would show her Tide is androgenous, yes. But it can be every bit as sensitive and epic as gain. Afterall. A 30-second commercial, like love, should be lived for the moment.

Miyazaki Idea Comic Cropped

Miyazaki is king of the subconscious creative process. He is a creativity wizard. He is also a very generous boss. Miyazaki represents an innovative creator, but also an innovative leader. When I make the story, the Boohides, pictured (kinda) below, it will have the feel of his movies.

The BOOHIDES comic 1

It will also have the “blue” the -at first loneliness of the ocean and of despair. But towards the end, the main character will resolve his fundamental loneliness and we will be as optimistic, as hopeful as the sky.

The Boohides is a muddy story.Somehow it has the ooziness, the playfulness of Tide. Ah. I think I know what it is. Like Tide, the character will become empowered by becoming more creative, and also more androgenous. The boy starts out kind of feminine in his reflective sensibilities, but then learns the boldness to explore, to adventure, to become more confident. He becomes a young man. Yet with responsibility, earnestness, compassion. And a genuine love for nature. And the moon.

Tide + The Boohides + Back Bay

Tide + The Bathtub + Deep Visualization


Wellp. the creative process is just like making love. In this idea comic, I mediated on the idea of deep visualization. If you can imagine it, it is real. But how do you hold an image in your head, so tangible, you could almost snatch it out of your mind? So tangible you could almost turn it, like a salt grain, you could hold it like the moment. Feel its roughness. It’s hard-edged ness. Study it. Taste it?

Tide. What is in that gloopiness of tide? What if you squeezed it compressed it do tight, what would distill out of it? Probably a couple quarters it picked up out of the laundry machine.

Cha-ching baby, indeed.

Tide + Radio + J.R. Visualization Tide + Creative Visualization Tide + Visualizations + U.O.T.H.