Tide + Re-Entry: LIBERATION

Tide + Emotion: Re-entry/Freedom.

So often when we think of Liberation, we think of being uninhibited, fearlessness. Yet so often, our total freedom is not met with eagerness. It is met with lostness, depression, and despair.

Take for example many of my students at O.A.R. Suddenly released from prison, when we were trying to write poems about our “Re-entry” back into the world, I thought everyone would talk about how great it was to be free. And they did. they talked about how great it was to finally be able to shower alone. To eat whatever and as much as they wanted to. They talked about the marvels of technology (remember, many have been in for 20+ years).

I thought they’d talk about how exhilarating it was to be free. In fact, they had far more to say about the anxiety, the unsureness, the temptation to fall back into old ways, to regroup with the same underworlds…because there was a certain kind of comfort in that.

How could Tide be a symbol of hope? Of comfort to people like ex-offenders? To embrace change? To embrace the creativity to create a new identity?

Similar to gender roles, or my dad. The freedom and the flexibility of men to embrace more stereotypically “female,” or ultimately androgenous identities is uncomfortable at first. But like being released from a prison, if it is embraced, in spite of the initial discomfort, the resulting ease and liberty felt soon becomes overwhelmingly…well, easy.

Thats the trouble with doing difficult things: The trouble with doing what is difficult, is that it only becomes easy after you have done it. #axiom

Tide + Free Dive

This writing encapsulates the feeling of living life in free-dive. “Embrace Chaos” is the philosophy here, and where that is life or in writing, to embrace chaos is to invite surprise and spontenaity, and to take risks. Tide and Skydive. A Skydive in a bottle. That is like Tide. I can picture the adventurous stay-at-home mom using this. Or the Tide liquid falling into the washing machine like skidivers in the Alps. or w/e.

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[credit to the Great Horned Owl feather I found as a kid go to here:]