Tide + Suicide None

False alarm. Most of the productivity tips are actually in the Tips to Incoming VCU freshman post.

This post is more about a collection of meditations on the pleasures of doing house work. To men,

I said, “men who do house work get laid.” But there is also a deep sense of enjoyment to it. Doing house

work like the dishes is highly meditative.

For Tide-like creatives, it can become a part of your creative process. And since the creative process is

just like sex. Imagine the sud-liness of suds when doing the dishes. Imagine the intimacy of doing the

dishes with your girlfriend naked. In summertime, as evening drifts to dusk.

Imagine the soap bubbles on your fingertips, they way the sponge rubs every plate. Imagine what your girlfriend thinks when she is doing the dishes. Imagine her hands. the tenderness of them. The meditative habitualness of them. What does she think as she does the dishes?

Imagine if housework was done like this. Why, I bet a man and his man would be eager to set to work. Funny my mind went there. Maybe because it is 11:45 and I am still distilling down my blog. But i think there is truth in the moment there.

There is an intimacy there that Tide could capture in the taboo. The carelessness of a young couple, before they had kids. when it was just them and their youth. When they could be playful.

Tide and that creative spark. Why, I know no greater inspiration than sex. I know no greater tenderness than sensuality. Tide has potential to embody this kind of androgeny. Or better yet, the “coming together” of “male” and “female,” of left brain/right brain, of innocence and nonchalance.


what a sexy word for tide.

That non-chalant sexuality of Tide. Of that white T-shirt kind of guy.

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