Tide + My Seashell Tide + My Seashell + Poetry- Metaphor

This class is really showing me the power of lateral thinking: how to skillfully out-think the mind to make unexpectedly logical associations. In this exercise, I started with an image of Dating (found here) http://www.panoramio.com/photo/84605742) where I got a lot of images of summertime and cold and wetness; then I thought about the first next word that popped into my head: Bourgeoise. 

Then I thought about an object I hadn’t thought about in a very long time, one I hadn’t even realized was so deeply personal to me until last week; that is, my favorite seashell.

It wasn’t until today, when I was reflecting on this seashell, when I went to hunt down a picture of it and I found other pictures of seashells that I realized how much a seashell can look like a Greek vase.

And that’s when it clicked.

How could I have forgotten the link between nature, organic shapes, and classical art? And with my poetry, I’d realized sculptures were speaking to me. The freedom of expression that poetry had brought me. The Liberation I’d come to associate with Tide. There it was. It was all wrapped up in disguise in this seashell.

It was disguised in the silence. In the silence of the vase and in the seashell. In its rigidity- but more so- in the precision of beauty embodied by a vase…yes… a vase and poetry. That’s how Tide could come to embody a sculpture, the bottle. If it was covered in plaster and made a fine art. There was a link there. A common brand elevated to the status of a fine art? Now that is a level of merit even Cambell’s tomato soup hasn’t seen. A common bottle as an artifact? As a fine sculpture. …how interesting.

Out In Left Field

Tide + Visual Metaphors

Other ways I came to imagine Tide’s soul included:

I imagined Tid’es soul to be a flag with a lemon shape on it somehow. The top left corner is green to represent the brand colors. I made a white flag because Tide came to represent Liberation to me.

Then from the lemon I saw an eye, because Tide, especially gentle blue Tide represents empathy to me. And the eyes are the windows to the soul #Axiom.

Then I came to imagine a kite with the Tide emblem on it, because a kite is fun and is very liberating. A child could take this kite to Mt. Trashmore in Va beach and have a field day. That’s what I would do if I wanted to make a cheap advertisement for Tide.

Then I came to imagine a Tide sailboat, or really. I just wanted to go sailing. That would feel very liberating right now. I could imagine Tide going around the world in a boat somehow. Or just the adventurousness of the contemporary male or adventurous couple doing something they’ve never done before.

The last is a parasail or a windsurfer. Because it combines the kit and the sailboat. And what’s more liberating than a kite/sailboat?

Tide. That’s what.

…I guess.

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