Tips To Incoming VCU Freshman:

Tips To Incoming College Freshman at VCU pt2Tips To Incoming College Freshman at VCU pt1

Part of the River Philosophies is porching. As a Richmonder, when you are done with all the dorms and the frat parties,  porching in the moonlight will be your past time. You will  be surprised, but as you get closer to leaving as a senior, you will experience a profound change in yourself you will hardly understand. But it will be a pleasant change none the less. Life will take on a sense of ease you will with you had as a freshman. Suddenly you won’t be trying to keep up with twenty-four dozen friends, but just a handful, 5 or 6, a dozen maybe, of close, quality friends.

Your world will seem to grow smaller, yet somehow larger as you become more intimate. You will explore more with these friends. You will journey to new places around Richmond and you will journey deeper into their hearts. But in your freshman year, meet all the people you can while everyone is lost and scared, and before they have all rung up into their cliques.

Everyone is just as lost and scared as you are. The people who become top dogs at college embrace it.

The tips scrawled out here are the result of an interview I wound up doing one such moonlight night when my brother, me, and my brother’s girlfriend were all porching. I was stressed from a Rhetoric paper I was supposed to be writing and for the hell of it I asked them, (because I’d always wanted to write a tip sheet to incoming VCU freshmen), “as seniors what tips about college would you wished you had known as a VCU freshman?”

You’ll like this list: among them are skip classes and pledge a fraternity for the hell of it (though joining is a different matter). But there are also more insightful things, such as see a psychotherapist (its the only time in your life it’ll be free) and to explore away from campus if you are home sick.

Or if you are homesick. Another girl in our class said when her parents buy her tide, that reminds her of home. MAybe you could just do that.

Productive Procrastination:

Tide + Productive Procrastination


Freshman, one of the best tips I have for you is to use your iCal to schedule fun. My calendar looks jam-packed, and it is- about 30% fun (70% since I am an interdisciplinary student and like all my classes).

Schedule Fun: Tide #16 + Productivity: Time Management:  Craft the Creative Lifestyle Using i Calendar

Use iCalendar to schedule fun.
Use iCalendar to schedule fun.

When you get slammed, it is easy to forget that scheduling time to take care of yourself is important. By marking it on your calendar, it serves as a constant reminder of your day-to-day goals. And you can plan the space and the time. Also the importance of marking your day-to-day goals, is so you have a battle plan for working toward your larger life goals. When your day to day goals become habits, you can add new goals, or new “Curiosities” to chase, until you are able to juggle your whole life like cake.

-As a student one of the best tips I have to give you is that chasing your curiosities will seem like a waste of time, but it ultimately makes you a better student. You will be astounded how life has a way of coming full-circle. MAKE SCHOOL WORK FOR YOU.

Here is some of my schedule:

At 8 a.m. read 2 chapters of a book.

4:30 pm. walk and see sunsets.

Monday night: soak in hot bath.

Seeing sunsets gives me an immediate sense of accomplishment and well-being.

Forming habits, you train your mind to be creative. Forming habits, means you free up time having to think to plan your day vs. planning your project.

my on-going personal projects, my larger health and lifestle goals,

Biologically timed, you adapt your goals to fit to your natural habits.

And who knows, maybe you will be able to combine activities to create “flow.”

Tide + Inhabit the Body of Tide: New Incoming Freshman: Shaffer


Tide + Productivity + Doing the Dishes

Tide + Productivity Tips: Mental Note

Tide + To Do List

always make to-do lists at the beginning of the day so at the end of an unproductive day you still get to cross something out. :[

Bonus Round: repeat items on said To-do list fo double fun.