(Nov. 13) 無明長夜: mumiyoujouya: the long night of spiritual darkness: 美観: bikan: Sleeping Beauty

I hated sleeping beauty as a kid because Maleficent was pretty scary and it was darker than the others..but I feel like I would love it now if I watched it again

You can’t come home soon enough friend.

Can we watch both that and the original sleeping beauty

Cause that would be great


嫌いな: kirai: to hate

幼年期:younenki: childhood

眠たい:nemutai: sleepy

華麗:karei: beauty

持って:motte: because

悪:aku: evil

怖い:kowai: scary

暗い:kurai: darkness

闇:yami: darkness


大抵:taitei: usually

直ぐ: sugu: soon, immediately

両者:ryousha: both things

本来:honrai: originally, essentially

素敵:suteki: fantastic, lovely, dreamy




Time. Restlessness.

Like I’m in school for nonprofit management basically and I know that that’s something I wanna do but not necessarily right after I graduate ya know

I mean, we gotta go to England right?

Nancy’s surgery went well. It will be a week before she finds out results. There is something in her right lung but not sure what it is yet.
Pray you make it a great day! God bless you! Praying for you! Love xoxo,

Jason (why) is it I can’t stop thinking about Yhu?

You’re a million miles away (&)I can’t even go a day without saying your name silently or aloud.

I think….(no), I know I’m definitely in love with Yhu

Yhu are just one BEAUTIFUL understanding human being (&) that’s all that matters

And (please) don’t ever change

It doesn’t matter. Yhu don’t have to be. These are my feelings (&)I just want to express them to yhu.

(nah). If I could own a clone I would use your DNA bcuz (muscle) don’t excite me


Tonight playing the foam stairs game. “I’ve never seen so many near misses in my.life.”