Saturday night I was sitting in my bath feeling ready. I texted the Toyo B group to tell them I would be going to karaoke. And I texted Paul.

It was his birthday that weakened and he told me a ride was singing through Niihama to pick up Brad and Joyce. I texted David to ask if he would like to come.

I hoped out of the bath and ran to buy aloe vera vials. I ran back home and drank a Guinness and got ready.

I ran into David on my way to meet Brad and Joyce at Aeon. He had 5mins to get ready but he could join if he was ready.

We biked to Aeon. Joyce was late. She asked if we could look for a cake. David and I wandered the shopping mall, the Caldi. Drank a cup of sample coffee.

Walking towards the Alpaca near Edion, we ran into two girls who were whispering about us like they knew us. They were among the girls that had wanted to approach David at the food court.

Not wanting to let the conversation go, I asked about them, if they were high school students. They said yes but their English was bad (which the effort is cute).

I told them we were looking for a cake. Asked I’d they knew where any are? After they showed us cake they seemed hesitant to leave. One girl held up her phone and David and I understood she wanted to take a picture.

Last wrk at kita school two girls shaved their heads bald. A girl asked new I’l

2-4-15 “Graduation Practice Choir”



This afternoon was a beautiful event. To commemorate the third years’ (8th graders’) upcoming graduation, students practiced singing “Departure Day”. Every head filled the windows. The school grounds chorused with the students’ harmonization. The afternoon was a sacred moment.

Or typical. School grounds often rang with sensei’s shouting. Like. family, I guess.

Aww man I was trying to send this to you! I had fun showing my Japanese friends. Anne Dillard has a piece called, “living like weasels” she talks of how we should be like the weasels who bite and never let go. She describes that the skull of a weasel can sometimes be seen clasped tight to the neck of an eagle “like a pendant.” Because it’s body was scratched away in the fight. So I assumed the woodpecker would have died. Glad to know it’s fate ^_____^

Dad! So much has happened this week!

I hitched a ride to Takamatsu (2hrs away, opposite side of the island) for a friends birthday party! I was really bored at first, But I became great friends with the teachers there (one was Malaysian, somehow the morning after turned into a big massage party? Haha. The Japanese taught me if the victim isn’t squirming, you’re not applying enough pressure. I made everyone hurt 😉

I also got asked out on two dates! One was by college girls we met in Aeon. They were whispering about David and I like they’d met us before so we said hey.  They asked for our picture. I asked if they could help us pick out a cake (I saw no need to let them off the hook early.) The one on the left is studying to be a nurse.

The other date I got asked on is by this really funny middle school teacher who works at Mykels middle schools, Mrs. Yukari sensei.

I met her three times before. Always only for short times & at special events. I posted something on FB she commented on, so we started messaging. I was so shocked she asked me to dinner. I didn’t even know we were Facebook friends!

Hmm. This weekend a JET from Hiroshima is coming to visit me. Well go to the famous Dogo Onsen together. Great for me since ill need a Hiroshima contact in order to visit Shimonoseki.

The picture of the mini letter attached is from a stranger I met in the cafe I always go to. (Its the letter Ms. Yuarki commented on).

That same night I went to Ramen Tei, the best ramen shop in Niihama, and met the owner of the construction company that’s building one of the few artful buildings ill see in Niihama.

Its the modern looking cultural arts center going up next to Niihama station.

Things have just been great. Learning so much and meeting so many. I’m so loved by everyone at my schools, and I have 2 extra months longer at my schools than I thought!

[Btw. Two girls shaved their heads “skin head” in protest, rebellion last week. A teacher and a vice principal got into a shouting fight in a teachers meeting one morning at Minami school. Hmm. And more.

But even many of the problem kids are getting so excited to see me. They are more and more among the first to run up to me. I am told that students are asking why can’t jsensei come to class today? Even though they played games. Every one gets really excited when I sneak into their classrooms and race then during cleaning time. Amazing how hard everyone works when they are trying to beat jsensei 😉

I’ve loved the pictures of winter. I’ve met so many people through them. Hope you are well, love you. We’ve been out of touch. We need to talk more often.

I have loads of links ill start sending you.

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        Try the attached link.  Don’t know if you’ve seen this or not.
It was even on the news last night.    A thrill ride for neither, turns
out to be a thrill ride for both.   I think I’ve seen this movie before.
        Will talk some more later.
                Hope you are doing well.
                Love Dad
Let me know if this link works for you.

Haha! Mrs. Moss! You send the best post cards! Miss you too! ^______^ The deer sleep behind your house? That is so cool! And yes. I love Virginia’s dreariness. The grey days are ambiguously emotive. You have to sort your feelings out, “is today’s weather politely overcast or is it absolutely puddle-soggily dreary.” Thank you so much for my postcards!!

2-5-15: ~From Valentine’s Day

I love that after 7 months in Japan old friends still call. I am grateful to LaMont Asgoodasitgets Crittentonsan. Doubly so, that on Valentine’s day he would cut Josh Young’s hair and take my brother & his best-girlfriend, Hannah Brock to breakfast. Loving everyone in these photographs. LaMont I thoroughly enjoyed this morning’s “Hai-hai-haiya!!”


Well your reasons of joy are definitely more tangible – bodily I daresay – than mine.

And why a funny girl should not invite my boy out? What do you have less than the others? And you are handsome in America,but in Japan you are a star. I guess that she wanted more than dinner but you are shy

But why you do not sleep? If it were because of wild nights I would say “0h youth!”. If you stayed awake to work , I would comment “bravo! But do not exaggerate “. But if you do not sleep for anxiety I worry. Why this insomnia ? You fall asleep well when you are next to me. Shall I come to japan ?

Hahahaha. I don’t sleep because too many wild nights then trying to come home and study.

Lol. We’ll do d out what she wants next week. We’ll either go to dinner on Wednesday or Friday night.

I do t feel anxiety in Japan anymore. I don’t feel too stressed about much anymore. I say “ill make it” or “I don’t remember it” haha