Walking to Hibiki school, I had been wanting to memorize the path. I had been wondering how can people live without worry of forgetting?

Answer: by cross referencing experiences. “Il mirror the  Ikku shrine gate.” “I’ll mirror the Matsuyama orchard.” “I’ll mirror the lake Sherando.” I’ll mirror the …dinwiddie reservoir.

Jr grew up with the names of Grackle Indians.

北中生 と 会いました
私は 別路地 を とった(or 選んだ)

when u go to somewhere,  we use 〜へ  ,
学校へ 行く、 barber へ 行く、
when u do something at somewhere ,  use  〜で
学校で 勉強する、  barber で haircutする
when u express object in sentence , use ~ を
学校で 英語を 勉強する。   barberで front hair を 短くした。  イオンに 行って  theaterで ドラエモン を 見た。

しかしmeet を 使うときは、 〜と   を 使う

イオンで Joyce と あった。

Japanese phrase of the day: 息の根を止める. It means to strangle someone, but is literally “to stop the root of breath ”


I have the CD which this music entered!!

3-18-15~ Hibiki school: A Special Day: ひびき学校で特別日

Today was a special day at Hibiki school. At lunch, I was allowed to eat with the boys in their dormatory. The boys, who don’t seem to get excited for much in class, got really excited. ***kun showed me how to solve a Rubic’s cube. The more mischievous boys asked me many questions. Among them, of course, was “are you sex?” ひびき学校で今日は特別日でした。給食時に、私は寄宿舎で少年と一緒を食べてもいい(た?)。少年は殊に興奮した。***くんは私にルービックキューブ事を教えた。悪戯小僧が沢山質問を聞いた。主に英語でこれを尋ねた「アル。。ユウ。。セックス?」

Afterwards, the boys showed me their bedrooms, the pet turtles they found in the woods, etc. Then we pitched baseball together. After lunch, I was allowed to join in the girls’ tennis lessons & we played together even though it was rainy. One of the girls was surprisingly amazing at tennis. Like little sisters I adored them. 又、少年が私に部屋やペット亀や絵を見せた、と少年と一緒に野球を遊んだ。仮令雨が降ったも、一時半から、私は女子と一緒にテニズを遊んでもいい(た)。私が思っていたより彼女が上手でした。私が妹のような、女子を慕った。

The students are so lovable. It is a shame they have a hard life. These students live at Hibiki because they cannot go home. When I asked one of the girls what her dream was after Hibiki, she said she wanted to go to a ‘normal’ school. After that, she says she wanted to teach elementary school at a school beside Hogwarts in Osaka. 懐っこい学生だった。でも、ひびき学生は世知辛いな暮らしを住まさせられる(?)。何時か私は女子の夢を聞いた、女子が言った「大阪市の小学校の先生に成りたいので、私がハリーポッタワールド近くに住みたい。」

As you enter the grounds of Hibiki school, there is a Princess Mononoke feeling. White critters looking like chess pieces line the roadway. The school was built at the foot of the misty mountains. It is said sometimes that monkeys come down from the mountains to eat fruit from the orchards. David & I have never seen them. (From August, I remembered the genkan of Hibiki school was filled with “zipper spiders.” (spiders are good luck in Japan).

This morning I walked to Hibiki school with the question, “How can I recover details in memory after they are “forgotten?” I decided that by cross-referencing details from one memory to another that recovery was possible.

For example, “when was the last time you felt fear, nostalgia, indecisiveness, optimism, grief?” And the time before that? and that?…and so on, for as far back as you can remember..until your memory begins to “echo.”

If I want to remember the trinkets from my morning route~ the shrine, the mirror, the orchard, the reservoir for example, these could be linked by association to other shrines, mirrors, orchards, etc. I have experienced for as far back as I can recall.

Of course, writing & photographs are the best way to safeguard a detailed representation, however, at some point we must internalize the artifacts of our lives, lest we remain ghosts unto ourselves.

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Hannah Brock~ “All your life you’re yellow. Then one day you brush up against something blue, the barest touch, and voila – the rest of your life you’re green.”
– T. Callahan
painting by Jimmy Quek

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Memorizing Chou:

make it a livable experience.

make it linear.

establish parallels, 3triplicates.


“Thank you very much for cleaning time. Students said it was so much fun. And I think it was a useful experience. How English should be used. And thank you for scolding some first-year students.”

“Thank you for eating lunch with the Hibiki students.”

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Oh wow that’s way cool! I’ll be in Okinawa just before then, so I’ll have to work those days, but if they need anything they are more then welcome to ask me!